The DynaVap M Plus: What Now?

The DynaVap M Plus: What Now?

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The DynaVap M Plus paved the way for the better Dynavap M 7

The Legacy Of The DynaVap M Plus

The DynaVap M Plus revolutionized the vaporizer industry with its unique approach to dry herb vaporization pushing the dynavap m series further. The M Plus was designed with a sturdy and durable stainless steel body and was equipped with its own unique battery-free heating technology system made famous by the DynaVap brand. Unlike other battery vapes, this vaporizer uses external heat sources such as butane torches or induction heaters to heat its herbs, making it easier to carry, smaller, more concealable, more sustainable, and offers a host of other pros. The standout pro is the fantastic airflow, fantastic flavor, and a powerful hit.

What Made the M Plus Stand Out

The M Plus was acclaimed for its improvements on our distinctive features:

  • No Battery: The M Plus fully eliminates the need for electronic charging, battery waste, inefficiency, and inconvenience.
  • Adjustable Bowl Size: Adjust to full size, half bowl, or to whatever you like. Making it great for microdosing or full sessions.
  • Temperature Indicating Cap: A clicking cap at the perfect temperature to eliminate overheating and provide the perfect hit.
Dynavap M Plus

In-Depth Features of the DynaVap M Plus

The M Plus, an improvement on years of DynaVap progression with the M series, has always been prized for its innovative features. The M’s combined convenience & sustainability with flavor and impact is the pinnacle of what we had made. Thanks to its battery-free operation, it allowed for a robust vaping experience. As long as you had a lighter, there was nothing stopping you from vaping and nothing making you wait for an hour or two to charge. The device can also use external heat sources to offer a consistent method of heating, which is easy to manage and control, other than a lighter, such as the wand. The wand offers specific heating settings for those going for a more controlled experience. The M Plus user-centered design included adjustable bowl size for customized dosage, the innovative temperature indication cap, clicking at the optimal vaporization temperature. Designed to take care of the flavor and integrity of the herb and give the user a bigger rip. It was great, but we always push for better.

Introducing the DynaVap M 7

With us wanting to push the M Plus further, we made the next generation of The M vape. The Dynavap M 7 has taken its place as the most advanced version of the dynavap m series . Building upon the M Plus, which is now discontinued, The Dynavap M7 improves on:

  • Bigger Rips: The M 7’s Tip chamber/bowl has increased mass for superior heat retention, facilitating greater control over one-hit extractions.
  • Finless Tip Design: This design keeps fingers cooler by reducing heat transfer from the tip to the stem by up to 20%.
  • Even Extraction: The refined distribution of mass in the tip and chamber walls minimizes scorching and hot spots.
  • Enhanced Airflow: Redesigned captive cap fitment and increased convection heating improve airflow compared to previous models.
  • An M7 XL Version: Available with the "M" XL Condenser Assembly and Mouthpiece for those preferring a larger device.
  • Simplified Airflow Control: The new airport design and “Pivot” style rocker make it easy to control airflow.
  • Microdose Ready: The “adjust-a-bowl” feature allows users to reduce the chamber/bowl size by half, perfect for microdosing.
  • Streamlined Design: A new textured pattern throughout the stem offers a fresh look and feel.
  • Captive Cap: Engineered to click when heated to the optimal vaporization temperature, this cap ensures a precise and controlled vaping session.
Dynavap M7

Explore the M 7: A New Chapter in Vaporization

The M7 DynaVap comes with all the great features of the M Plus, with improvements made over all areas possible. Slimmer, better-controlled, and a model looking toward the future that will bring users to more features in design and control.

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