SlingStash Accessories DynaVap, LLC
SlingStash Accessories DynaVap, LLC
SlingStash Accessories DynaVap, LLC


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The SlingStash by DynaVap allows for on-the-go usage or general storage. The SlingStash is made from machined aluminum tubing with an overlapping silicone sling to keep the dirt and debris out, while retaining your standard length (92mm) device and material within, without rattle. Decapper molded into silicone allows for one-handed device use.

  • Durable silicone and aluminum design
  • No rattle from the device
  • Customizable placement of device and material
  • Tight fit keeps smell in
  • Simple cap removal with built-in Decapper/ Works with standard and Armored DynaVap Caps
  • Silicone cup fits 3-5 cycles worth of dry herb material
  • Fits in a standard pants pocket
  • The DynaVap B fits the new SlingStash and is The "B"s preferred storage method.
  • The Armored cap is compatible within the SlingStash and the integrated decapper. However, due to the added mass and heat of the cap, it's recommended that you allow some time for it to cool down before decapping the Armored Cap.
  • Available with Black or Green Sling
  • Size: 90mm / 108mm without storage container
  •  Silicone material cup can be removed to fit XL length devices up to 108mm. Not compatible with the BB6 or BB9. Works best with The "B".



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