DynaVap devices require no batteries or electronics to work, but rather utilize any heat source, such as a butane torch lighter, to heat a temperature indicating cap on a conduction/convection chamber.


Devices are made of a Cap, Tip, Midsection, and Condenser.

Upon receiving the items, please verify the quantity and condition of all contents. If you are missing any items or if the item(s) arrived damaged, please contact us using the corresponding Contact Form within 48 hours of receipt.

The V.A.S. is special to DynaVap’s modular device designs. The different components of each device are interchangeable and upgradeable to construct other models and/or provide customizability. Please check out our product compatibility chart for more details: Click Here

Yes, here is a link to the PDF file of our universal instructions - Click Here.

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The condenser tube serves as a heat exchanger to condense and cool the vapor as it travels through the device. In addition, the condenser tube provides an easy to clean component for vapor to travel and keep your midsection material clean from residue.

The XL condenser is 17mm longer than the standard condenser. There is not a functional difference between a standard and XL condenser, nor does it noticeably alter the vapor temperature. The size difference is purely personal preference.

The OmniVap system has a specialized design to allow for simple adjustment of the air and vapor ratio. Adjust by simply twisting the mouthpiece, which extends/retracts the condenser into the tip. This eliminates the need for air port awareness, as it allows hands free control and optimized airflow.

DynaVap offers only the best materials for our products and, fortunately, customers can compare metals when buying tips, condensers, and screens. The titanium components are all Grade 2 titanium and the stainless steel components are medical grade stainless steel. There are a few performance characteristics in each metal, within the device, as well. When compared with stainless steel, titanium is lighter weight and three to four times stronger, offering optimal durability and lifespan. However, stainless steel is cost effective and more scratch-resistant.

Our titanium tips offer a faster heat up time and distribute heat more evenly than the stainless steel counterpart. In addition, the titanium tips have three adjustable screen positions and have a titanium screen, while the stainless steel tips offer just two positions and have a stainless steel screen. Both the titanium tips and the stainless steel tips are compatible with most DynaVap components, with the exception that stainless steel tips do not function properly with the Omni condenser assembly.

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We recommend that you use a butane torch lighter for optimal results. To ensure even heating, apply the heat to the cap, away from the end, and rotate the device steadily until you hear/feel a click. Directly heating the end of the cap will cause it to click prematurely, causing reduced vaporization.

DO NOT apply heat past the click.
Overheating will permanently damage the cap.

With a torch lighter and a titanium tip, the typical heat-up phase takes 3-6 seconds and remains at vapor production temperature until the cool down click about 30 seconds later. After the cool down click, it is safe to begin another heating cycle. When using a soft flame lighter, the heat-up phase takes about 15 seconds. The stainless steel tip requires a longer heat-up time than the titanium tip.

DynaVap FAQ Video - The Cap

The black rubber Fat Mouthpiece serves as an optional mouthpiece for many of our devices. In addition, the Fat Mouthpiece serves as a 14mm adaptor to create a seal for a female coupling or water pipe adaptor (WPA). The Fat Mouthpiece will not fit in any DynaStash.

The DynaStash and DynaStash ER contain a compartment to fit a 92mm standard length (non-XL) device and another compartment for storage. In addition, the DynaStash ER comes with a Stash Tool and silicone container for extracts. The standard DynaStash does come with a compartment for a tool, which can be ordered separately from the accessory section. Any XL device requires a DynaStash XL or a DynaStash XL ER. The XL ER also comes with a Stash Tool and silicone container for extracts, while the XL comes with a compartment for a tool.

All non-wood components are dishwasher safe. Most components of the device can be disassembled by pulling apart. The OmniVap condenser threads into the mouthpiece. Glass and metal parts may be soaked in hot water or a cleaning solution of your choice. Do NOT clean with alcohol or other flammable liquids. Doing so may damage the condenser quad rings and any wood components. We suggest using DynaWax to maintain the polish on the wood as well as lubricating the o-rings for reassembly. Reassemble components to match the original assembly. When re-inserting, push pieces of the device together, adding lubricant and a slight twist to ease rubber o-rings in place.

There are a couple of ways to remove the scorch marks and soot from the stainless steel cap. Wash the cap with warm water and apply any of the following suggestions: metal polish, steel wool or a baking soda and vinegar mix. Scorch marks are part of the normal use patina, but to prevent soot buildup when using a soft flame lighter, keep the cap deep in the blue part of flame and try to minimize the amount of yellow flame. This will avoid the soot causing yellow part of the flame contacting the cap, as well as provide a more even heat distribution around the cap.

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