Trying our vaporizers means entering a world of possibility. DynaVap’s dry vaporizer devices can be utilized in almost any setting, creating near limitless possibility for use. Even within places where smoking isn’t typically well-accepted, such as parks and other public spaces, our vaporizers provide a discreet experience. Vaping your herb reduces obvious signs of use, unlike smoking with a joint, making it perfect for someone trying to enjoy their material while going  unnoticed. Not only is the vape less observable to bystanders, but the odor normally associated with cannabis is far less discernible than the norm.

The sleek designs allow each product to fit within a pocket or purse so your material can come with you on any journey you choose. Discreet in size, but built to withstand any journey no matter where it may take you. Our devices also come with serrated edges on the tip to assist in grinding your material on-the-go.

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Other Benefits

Stretch Your Herb

Stretch your herb (and money) - get 75% more from your material. DynaVap devices use a lot less of your material, all while producing high level results.

Flavor Explosion

Take your terpenes to a new high. Enjoy flavor like you've never tasted before in your herb of choice.

Eliminate Combustion

Go smoke free. Once you try a DynaVap device, you enter a world of possibility.

Battery Free

There is no battery on our devices. All you need is a heat source, such as a torch or lighter, and you are all set.

Proudly made in the USA


Items ship out of Northern Ireland all across Europe. Free Shipping over €150.