Take your terpenes to a new high and enjoy flavor like you’ve never tasted before in your herb of choice. Our innovative vaporizers bake your material at the optimal temperature, enabling users to experience, taste, and smell each strain’s unique set of terpenes and cannabinoids the way they should be. When using a traditional combustion device, the herb is overheated and scorched, coating your herb’s flavor in an undesirable burnt taste and smell. No more burning— just material that tastes great. Our devices are also designed for easy cleaning, preventing residue build up that results in lack of flavor.

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Other Benefits

Stretch Your Herb

Stretch your herb (and money) - get 75% more from your material. DynaVap devices use a lot less of your material, all while producing high level results.

Eliminate Combustion

Go smoke free. Once you try a DynaVap device, you enter a world of possibility.

Discreet & Portable

Get out and enjoy your herb anywhere with DynaVap. Our devices fit right in your pocket and can be enjoyed while doing most any activity.

Battery Free

There is no battery on our devices. All you need is a heat source, such as a torch or lighter, and you are all set.

Proudly made in the USA


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