DynaVap M 7 Vs M Plus

DynaVap M 7 Vs M Plus

The DynaVap M Plus: What Now? Reading DynaVap M 7 Vs M Plus 3 minutes

With the release of the new DynaVap M 7, the latest addition to the flagship M series from DynaVap, the main questions we are being asked are:

  1. Should I get the new M 7 if I have an M Plus?
  2. Should I get the M 7 over the M Plus?

The best way to address these questions is to do a classic breakdown of the DynaVap M 7 Vs M Plus. I’ll assume that you already know how to use a DynaVap and why DynaVap vaporizers are the preferred vape of many vape users all around the world.

So, let's compare the M Plus Vs the new M 7, checking out its new features & design elements, to see if you should upgrade to the M 7 or get the M 7 as your first DynaVap Vape, over its much loved older sibling: The M Plus.


The Innovation in the DynaVap M 7

The Dynavap M 7 enhances the core DynaVap experience, focusing on improving the experience for those using it daily, with a core focus on improving the bowl for more even extraction and improving airflow throughout the device. This is accomplished all while redesigning the body of the device to prioritize ease of use, without sacrificing the iconic DynaVap design language.

Bowl & Chamber Optimizations

The chamber design in the M 7 has been overhauled, with an increased chamber mass and redistribution of that mass over the chamber. This doesn't only allow for superior heat retention, facilitating greater control over one-hit extractions, it also minimizes scorching, and hot spots in the chamber, making the device easier to use and providing a more even and consistent extraction.

The bowl has been redesigned to work perfectly with the included Captive Cap. Not only does it give the cap a more secure fit, but it also improves airflow and convection in the chamber.

Improved Ease of Use

The 'adjust-a-bowl' feature has been retained, making it easy to resize your bowl to half size and better control your dosing!

Furthermore, the new finless tip design reduces heat transfer to the stem, keeping them cooler and more comfortable on the new textured design. This, alongside the new pivot-style rocker, enables easy airflow control.

The optional upgrade to the M7 XL provides you with an even longer stem, from the condenser and isolated mouthpiece, to provide a much cooler and enhanced vaping experience

m 7 & m 7 xl

In Conclusion - M 7 or M Plus?

As you can see, a lot of work has been done by the engineers at DynaVap to notably improve the M Series from the M Plus to the M 7, with changes that you're sure to notice and appreciate in your day-to-day usage.

The M Plus was a legendary Vaporizer in its own right, but it's undeniable you'll be gaining some great improvements in the new M 7.

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